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A Private Island Could Cost Less Than Your Current Home

Average cost of a home in Oahu: $810,000

Average cost of a condo in Manhattan: $1.1 million

Average cost of a home in San Francisco: $1.61 million

Cost of buying your own private island: could be less than $99,000

Wouldn’t it be nice to just sit back and relax on a beach without all the loud tourists? Whether you’re looking for a new elite vacation spot or going off the grid, buying an island isn’t only for the uber wealthy. In fact, there are hundreds of islands on the market for sale, and some are even listed well below six figures. Living or vacationing on an island that’s exclusively your own may not be as far from reality as you might think.

Like shopping for shoes online, you can literally go on the internet and shop for your own island. Sites such as Private Islands Inc and Vladi Private Islands make this possible. Island locations are available in a variety of terrain, so there’s something for both the outdoorsy adventurer and the tropical beachgoer. Ranging from the woodland forests of Nova Scotia to the palm-lined shores of Fiji, private islands are attainable all over the world, including in the Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, French Polynesia and Belize.

Some islands are already equipped with all the necessary means of living, including housing, plumbing and electricity. There are some that even have an onsite staff! Other available islands give you the opportunity to build your dream home. This allows the owner to channel their inner architect and interior designer, customizing their island to perfectly suit their own personal style and needs.

Moving to a remote location isn’t for everyone, but buying an island could be a worthy investment opportunity. For example, British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, purchased an island in the late 1970’s for $180,000. After building a resort on the island, its value has increased to approximately $60 million. That is a massive increase of 33,233 percent, according to Business Insider.

Nevertheless, no one says you have to build a resort or share your island with anyone if you don’t want to. Put your toes in the sand and let the sound of the waves be your ultimate escape from reality.

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