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EisnerAmperWMCB On Yahoo News: When It Comes to Investing, Boring Is Better


Marc Scudillo was recently featured on Yahoo News, and GoBankingRates.

“Many investors look for the thrill in the investment process,” said Marc Scudillo, managing officer of EisnerAmper Wealth Management and Corporate Benefits LLC. “However, the gambler mindset is not an appropriate mindset for accumulating wealth in the long term.”

Scudillo and other financial pros agree that when it comes to investing, “boring” may be better.

“Sticking with a consistent investment game plan will yield the best results, even though it may not appear a flashy strategy,” Scudillo said. “This is proven best in many retirement plans. Retirement plans have long track records and studies have shown that those participants that have utilized the asset allocation programs have fared much better than those ‘do-it-yourself’ retirement plan participants. Why? Because most of those who do it themselves follow the trends or the investment choice that had the best performing statistics. A pattern of continually chasing past performance trends will lead to lower performance and higher risk.”


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