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Find Your Perfect Match Through Live-bid RFPs and Benchmarking

By July 29, 2021Resources

Find Your Perfect Match Through Live-bid RFPs and Benchmarking

Finding the perfect provider match for your plan should be as easy as peanut butter and jelly. It’s also a fiduciary responsibility to ensure your retirement plan is charged reasonable fees by providers. As the prevalence of lawsuits against plan sponsors for allowing excessive fee charges continues to increase, the importance of conducting regular benchmarking studies is more important than ever.


Why Live-bid Benchmarking?

Live-bid RFP responses are based on your plan’s parameters, complexity, investment lineup, service requirements and other unique considerations. The process ensures:

  • Apple-to-apple comparisons are used throughout
  • Fee comparisons are based on current market prices rather than a database of historical fees
    • Negotiating leverage is maximized with a plan’s current provider


Provider Analysis

Our benchmarking report utilizes our proprietary database of 100+ recordkeepers and includes 400 data points covering recordkeeping, compliance, technology, communication, and investment services. The report features side-by-side comparisons of both costs and services to isolate differences in total plan costs, net recordkeeping costs, net investment management costs, investment quality rankings and service differentiators.

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